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Everything has probably been said about noma. Best restaurant in the world according to the S.Pellegrino ranking, foraging back in vogue, danish tradition reinvention thanks to the use of contemporary cooking techniques… This restaurant that used to excite only a few people writing on cutting-edge culinary blogs or forums is now a socialite conversation topic, with its chef Rene Redzepi appearing in women’s magazine or mainstream TV news! That should have whet my appetite for going there. Nevertheless, I had been craving for a meal there for three years. So it all began one July 2010 morning, with a lot of F5-key smashing. Bingo! I managed to snatch a reservation. Waiting three more months proved hard, but not deadly.

The day of the meal arrived, at last. I had asked for the “nassaaq”, the most comprehensive menu that offers noma classics as well as new creations. We arrived at the doorstep at 11.59PM, only to leave four hours and a half later, enraptured after a meal that suffered from only one mishap.
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Plan B – Copenhagen

I haven’t posted about beer for a long time. My trip to Copenhagen last week, mainly to have lunch at Noma, was also the perfect occasion to visit a few local beer places.

About one million persons live in the Copenhagen metropolitan area, and yet a dozen of bars, brewpubs and specialized shops (at least) seem to play on a level with no equivalent in France, at least to my knowledge. Maybe there are historical reasons to this: when the city’s water wasn’t drinkable, each family could go to the local brewery daily to get 16 liters of beer…

I have thus visited Cafe Plan B, and twice Mikkeller’s bar, and ended with a great shopping experience at Ølbutikken. Let’s start with the first one.

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